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Walking with your furry friend this April will help support the Geelong Animal Welfare Society and our work of providing rehoming services for thousands of lost, stray and abandoned dogs. We are passionate about animal welfare and we believe every life is precious.

We have thousands of animals in our care each year. Last year, almost a third of those admitted were dogs.

On average, it costs $55 a day to support one dog in our shelter and to cover the cost of essentials. That’s $1700 a month the Geelong Animal Welfare Society needs to cover expenses and provide care for just one dog. If you raised approximately $5000, you would be providing funds to shelter three dogs for a month, including food, veterinary care, vaccinations, flea and worm treatment, de-sexing, rehabilitation, a possible foster care stay, enrichment and anything else they need during their stay. That’s three happy, tail-wagging doggies who would have you to thank!

We are a not for profit organization who relies on the generous donations and fundraising from our community, so every contribution through The Great Dog Walk Challenge, no matter how big or small, makes a huge difference.

Cost to Gaws

$55 avg. per dog a day 

$1700 avg. per dog a month

$5000 RAISED = three happy, tail-wagging doggies you’ve supported for a month including shelter, services and essentials.

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Walk to Make a Difference

We hope you can join us in our aim to raise funds to cover costs associated with providing shelter, treatment, care and rehoming dogs.

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